Here you can find a selection of my current and long term interests. Take a look at the provided links!



For me seeing the impact of 6 billion humans on our planet is a major cause for concern. The question how we can secure the lives of our children’s children, without sacrificing our own lives, is one I ask myself in many different forms.

I’m especially interested in the Energy Transition, and worked for an energy modeling firm for over three years. Check out the Energy Transition Model, an interactive future explorer, created by my former employer Quintel Intelligence.



I’m not talking about looking good in front of a camera. I mean making sense of complex problems by creating models to analyze them.

Check out two of my favorite types of modeling:

  • System Dynamics: describes the world in feedback loops, that amplifies or dampens behaviors. If there are time delays in the system complex, dynamic behavior can occur. This is something that our mind has trouble with if we don’t model it. Also see the Pork Cycle.
  • Process Mining: a very practical form of modeling, that uses the event logs of computer systems to find how processes actually work, not how they have been written down. I recently completed a Process Mining course at the University of Technology Eindhoven.



I do hiking, skiing, mountain biking and some climbing and paragliding.